Between Points
Archivio Conz
Sep 22–Sep 29, 2018
“Between Points” at Archivio Conz, Berlin, 2018
“Between Points” at Archivio Conz, Berlin, 2018

A Boat Ride from the Archivio into the City

Archivio Conz and Supportico Lopez in collaboration with The Performance Agency present Between Points with live performances by Ed Atkins, Juliette Blightman, Stephanie Comilang, Petrit Halilaj & Alvaro Urbano, Jessie Holmes, Tarren Johnson, Sebastian Lütgert a.k.a Robert Luxemburg, Xavier Mazzarol, Reto Pulfer and Günter Schickert.

Between Points is an exhibition of Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks at the Archivio directly on the water, taking the audience into the city by boat. The narrated ride weaves a story of its surrounding, passing fleeting performance pieces along the river bed: the stages of the city. Between Points is an ascent to the fleeting, to looking up, to the overlooked.

The starting point for the performative engagements along the river bed is the ritualistic performance journal Between Two Points/Fra Due Poli by Hendricks, who worked closely with Conz for more than three decades. In the book and the accompanying edition produced by Edizioni Pari Dispari in 1976, Hendricks describes his journey through Norway (the land of his ancestors), his visits to Hermann Nitsch in Diessen and Prinzendorf, his time in Asolo and his respective return to the States, the performative meditations he creates along the way, the collecting of stones and the recollection of dreams. In Hendricks’ work, dream and reality are always of equal appraisal. His gentle, acute observations find a way into his intuitive performance works and texts, his dream boxes, and the many forms in which he painted the sky. Hendricks started his sky paintings in 1965, working at first with a pair of old work boots he found in a barn on his property in Nova Scotia as a painting object. They represent the beginning of Hendricks’ many pursuits in pulling heaven and earth together, connecting dualities, as the sky in its incomprehensible vastness forms the umbrella for our social relations and political realities. Painting chairs, boots, cars and sculptures with sky motifs, his paintings are grounded in deeply representational questions–Hendricks studied baroque ceiling painting–while at the same time becoming a literal continuum of this world as subject and object flow into one another.

Archivio Conz houses artworks, documents, editions and personal belongings collected and catalysed by Francesco Conz (Cittadella, 1935–Verona, 2010) over the course of more than 30 years. More than a collector, he worked closely with artists from the main artistic avant-garde movements of his time: Fluxus, Concrete Poetry, Actionism, and Lettrism. He left an archive of more than three thousand items, which are now housed in a storage facility in North-Charlottenburg presented by the contemporary art gallery Supportico Lopez.

On all three dates, Archivio Conz is open to the public from 3pm onward for an exhibition of works by Geoffrey Hendricks. The boat ride starts sharply at 6:30pm and leaves from Tegeler Weg 80, 10589 Berlin (Anlegestelle Reederei Wolff), guests will be lead to the boat from the Archivio, or can meet us directly there. The boat will arrive at Märkisches Museum at approximately 8:30pm.

Between Points has been made possible by the generous support of the Senate of Berlin and Fluxart GmbH. Thanks to Stefania Palumbo, Gigiotto Del Vecchio, Shirin Kranz, Rainer Marquardt, the entire team at Archivio Conz and Hammersbach.