Fridges are Not Frigid
Archivio Conz
Nov 09–Dec 09, 2019
Exhibition view “Fridges are Not Frigid”, Photo by Giorgia Palmisano
Exhibition view “Fridges are Not Frigid”, Photo by Giorgia Palmisano

Fridges are Not Frigid is the title of the LabZone developed with the workMaster students of the HEAD, it is a variation on the title of an artwork by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Bronxville, New York, 1919, This Fridge Leaves me Frigid), part of the Francesco Conz collection, which was assembled in Conz's lifetime (Cittadella, 1935–Verona, 2010) and now exists as the Archivio Conz. Fridges are Not Frigid is also the title of the exhibition we conceived at Archivio Conz, like a display of the dialogue students usually develop with art history.

Making visible one or several artworks from an archive and displaying them with contemporary artworks is also a way to activate their metamorphosis. In fact, we are resolutely sliding with a quantum appreciation of the archive. At the risk of being iconoclastic, we preferred to favour the spirit and the irreverent nature of Fluxus rather than follow strict museographical rules when it comes to showing historical pieces.

Our intervention at the archive itself makes a pause in what is usually a workspace, offering a temporary shift in the appreciation of a subject as well as evoking a parallel action. Archived artworks, or artworks in the process of being archived, are no longer historical objects. For the duration of the exhibition, they'll become the accomplices of the digression we authored: they write their history again.