Mass No. 3
Archivio Conz
Feb 02, 2018
Exhibition View “Mass No. 3”, Photo by Giorgia Palmisano
Exhibition View “Mass No. 3”, Photo by Giorgia Palmisano

"Mass No. 3" with Camille Aleña, Juliette Blightman, Marco Bruzzone, DAF (Dynamische Akustische Forschung), Robert Delford Brown, Esther Ferrer, John Furnival, Chosil Kil, Ariane Müller, Ben Patterson, Konrad Sprenger & Arnold Dreyblatt, Alvaro Urbano, and Eric Wesley.

On the occasion of Mass No.3 Supportico Lopez presents The Performance Agency at Archivio Conz in Berlin, this time activated and inspired by the performance anarchist Robert Delford Brown. A colleague of artists like Jim Dine, Claes Oldenburg and Nam June Paik, Robert Delford Brown was a central figure in the New York art scene of the early 1960s, a participant in and instigator of happenings. He saw the potential for aesthetic pronouncement in virtually everything. His métier was willfully preposterousness and his work contained both anger and insouciance. He was inventing a creation myth, he said later, and indeed, his appearance in “Originale” led him to create his own religion, The First National Church of the Exquisite Panic, Inc. God is called Who? here, because Who? knows!