Charles Morrow (b. 1942 in Newark, New Jersey, USA, lives and works in Barton, Vermont, USA) is an American sound artist, composer, and performer. His creative projects include original compositions, cinema and commercial soundtracks, large-scale installations, and radio and television broadcasts. Along with Charlotte Moorman, Morrow participated in and co-organized the 1964 New York Avant Garde Festival. In the early 1970s, together with Jerome Rothenberg, Morrow co-founded the New Wilderness Foundation, a platform to promote sound explorations in a mix of experimental and traditional arts. Their activities expanded to a series of events and the publication of EAR Magazine for new music. From 1973 onwards, he ceased performing in concert halls, favoring public venues, parks, and city streets, aspiring to reach a wider audience. For over a decade, Morrow organized the Solstice Sun Celebration, a large-scale event in New York. Citywave, which took place on the streets of Copenhagen in 1985, involved more than 2,000 participants. Since the 1980s, Morrow has investigated new technologies and virtual reality, founding MorrowSound®, dedicated to research in spatial sound design and software development. His sound installations have been presented at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York (1990), the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. (2000), and the Denver Museum of Art and Science (2003).

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