Eugenio deVicente


Eugenio de Vicente (unknown date of birth and place) was a Spanish experimental author and Zaj member since the group’s genesis. With Zaj, he published the collection of texts Amor in 1964. In the following years, he presented his readings at events organized by the group at the Museo de San Telmo in San Sebastián and the Teatro Estudio in Madrid. He is the author of the Zaj Universal Calendar (1967), a cut-out card that linguistically reinterprets the traditional calendar. The same theme expanded with the Suplemento al Calendario Universal ZAJ (1968), to be attached to the previous calendar and later reissued by Edizioni Conz as a silkscreen print on fabric. A further interpretation, Variations in the form of an omelet made on a Zaj Universal Calendar (1967), would be part of the notable A Zaj Sampler, published by Something Else Press.